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Aki: So today is Halloween, huh? I didnt even realize it was that time of year...

Miaka: *in a fairy costume. she glomps aki* Onee-chan! Ur birthday was just a few weeks ago! You had to have known that Halloween was coming up!

Aki: >.> well, yeah, i guess, but its not like--hey wait a second! When the hell did you get a costume?

Miaka: I got it a while ago! No way i'm missing a holiday where you get free candy! :iconawwplz: Mmmm so much candy *drools* I'm going to get such a sugar rush!

Aki: T_T" Arent you a little old for trick or treating?

Momiji and Honey-senpai: YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD FOR TRICK OR TREATING! *both wearing bunny costumes* *they both start jumping all over the room in a hyper manner*

Aki: -.-' I really dont think you people need're already lively enough...

*Hikaru and Kaoru both hook their arms around aki's* *both dressed as purple Cheshire cats*

Kaoru: C'mon aki! Get in the spirit!

Hikaru: Yeah! Now why dont you slip yourself into that sexy little witch costume that you were wearing before?

Aki: 0///0 I didnt wanna wear that! My creator made me! >///< *slips away from them* And why are you two Cheshire cats? Couldnt you guys have picked a less predictable costume?

Hikaru and Kaoru put their arms around her shoulders and lean in*

Kaoru: Would you prefer we be vampires?

Hikaru: If we did that, i'm not quite sure we could resist from biting you and making you our slave

Aki: O///O *she growls and holds up a fist* Will you two stop teasing me?! :icononionnouplz:

Haruhi: *dressed as Bat-Girl comes in and drags them out by their collars* Honestly, you guys dont need candy either...and stop bothering Senpai.

Hikaru: Aww...haruhi we were just having some fun!

Kaoru: It is Halloween after all! Dont tell us you were getting jealous Ha-ru-hi~ :heart:

Hikaru: We'd never leave YOU out of the fun.

Haruhi: *sighs* I'm honored, but no thanks

Tamaki: *dressed as a king...duh* MY DEAR DAUGHTER HARUHI!!!! Let's all go out trick or treating together!

Haruhi: No.

Tamaki: But dear daughter of mine, it is my solemn duty as your father to escort you on your rounds for the scrumptious sweets! I shall protect you! Besides *sparkles surround him* once people get a glimpse of our father-daughter love, they will have no choice but be overwhelmed by the beauty and give us even more candy!

Honey-senpai: Did you say MORE sweets?

Haruhi: Tamaki-senpai, thanks for offering, but it wont work. Had you dressed up like Batman, i might have said yes. But! Our costumes dont make sense together. Go trick or treating with the twins instead.

Tamaki: *retreats to emo corner* My daughter doesnt want to be seen by her own father...what a dark and cold Halloween this is...

Nuriko: *dressed as an elegant princess* I vote that Aki be "Aki the Vampire Slayer", just like we all agreed on a while ago. Cant disappoint the fans now :iconheehee-plz:

Aki: *tries to walk away but then stops after hearing that* Hell freakin' no! i'm SO not gonna dress up like that! And i never agreed to that! What fans are you even talking about? *sees his costume* And how the hell are you even dressed up? You shouldnt even know what Halloween is!

Miaka: I told him! I thought it would be fun for everyone to celebrate! Candy tastes better when you're with friends, right? *becomes serious* But whatever Butterfingers, Baby ruths, or Milky Ways show up are MINE!

Aki: -.-' How generous you are...

Nuriko: Besides it sounds like SO much fun and a great excuse to show how amazing i look in women's clothing! Oh, i much how people will mistake me for an actual princess tonight! I'll probably get even more candy than i deserve!

Aki: Only an idiot would think that you're a real princess.

Nuriko: *drills a fist into her head* I'm sorry, but werent YOU one of the people who thought i was a woman at first?

Aki: .......... Shut up

Tasuki: *comes in as a pirate* A day where people are forced ta give ya food? That's my kinda day!

Aki: :iconguaahplz:

Tasuki: What're the chances that they'll slip a little sake my way?

Aki: Not likely. It's a children's holiday you moron.

Tasuki: Hey! Who're you callin'--

Tamahome: *dressed as Zorro* How about money? Please tell me that they give out money to people!

Aki: (Aki's thoughts: How the hell does he even kno who Zorro is?) Oh yeah Tama. You go trick or treating in rich neighborhoods and they give you buckets full of money! One house after the other up to a point where you drown in all that green.

Tamahome: :iconawwwplz: R-Really? I LOVE THIS GLORIOUS HOLIDAY!!!

Miaka: ^^" Ta-Tamahome...

Aki: Gullible...

Tasuki: *grabs aki's shoulder and turns her around* We aint done here! Who you callin a moron? I was bein' optimistic!

Aki: There's a line between optimism and stupidity. *grins deviously* Guess which side of the line you're on

Tasuki: You tryin' ta start somethin'? I usually dont like ta fight women but you barely qualify

Aki: *glares at him* You better watch it before I make you the next Captain Hook *takes out Hammer of Justice*

Chichiri: *is only wearing Neko ears* Come on you two...this is supposed to be a fun day, ya know? Really, every time theres a party or something, you both start arguing like an old married couple ya know?

*Aki and Tasuki notice that everyone is staring at them. Aki pulls back and blushes, Tasuki crosses his arms with a slight blush*

Aki: Whatever. You know what? I dont even want to do this thing. So everyone go on without me.

Tasuki: :iconshockplz: what, now yer backin' out?!

Aki: *shrugs* Cant back out of something i was never in.

Tasuki: But even you gotta let loose every now and then. Yer too uptight! Maybe if we get'cha a little drunk

Aki: For the upteenth time, that wont work on me you idiot.

Miaka: Onee-chan...*grabs aki's hand* we really want you to have fun with us--it wont be the same without you!

Shokyoku: *dressed as a devil fairy and only aki can see her* As much as i hate you with these people, how come you are so against this? You used to love Halloween.

Aki: *sighs* I used to like Halloween a lot when i was younger, but that's because I saw the day as a distraction for my life. It was one day a year when i could be something that i wasnt--a day where i could forget my crappy childhood. But as i got older, i realized that it was only a tease and i was just kidding myself. Pretending to be something else was me just me running away from my problems like a coward....I'm not even sure if i was in it for the fun in the traditional sense...

Tasuki: Aki...

Nuriko: Oh Aki *hugs aki from the side* I really think you're thinking too much of it. We all just wanna have some fun! And even if things were that bad for you as a kid, we'll make sure you have the best time!

Tasuki: Yeah! I'd actually think it was insultin' if you DIDNT have a good time with us! *slaps aki on the back* I cant believe you'd honestly think that we'd leave ya hangin' like that! What kind o' pals do ya think we are?

Haruhi: You're surrounded by friends now Senpai--let us make up for all those crappy childhood memories and just go out together. There's really no harm in hanging out, is there?

Miaka: *holds Aki's hand* Besides, you dont have to pretend around us! We know who you are and we like you!

Hikaru and Kaoru: *holding a witch costume* So what do ya say? Be a witch for us?

Aki: *blushes as she looks around at her colorful friends smiling up at her* *sighs as she takes the costume* You people sure know how to put on the peer pressure...Fine. But this is the only time I'm dressing as a witch!

*everyone else rolls their eyes and smiles*


.............................................................All Hallows' Eve---LH5W Style~ by Aloubell

Miaka, Honey, Momiji, Tama, Tasuki, Hikaru, and Kaoru: Time to get some candy!!!!!!

Aki: Why do i have a feeling that this will be a long night?


Well, this is just something i wrote in an hour. Yeah, i kno it sux and that i left out a bunch of people -.-' srry.

I hope you enjoyed it anyway!

Happy Halloween my fellow members! :heart:

Until next time!
C ya! :iconbaibaiplz:
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NISHUNE Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012
AW damn, I'm late!!! And I had a good dialogue prepared too!!! Oh well, this is what I get for not being online on Oct. 31

Anyways happy belated halloween everyone!
Aloubell Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconkittyglompplz::heart: Happy belated halloween! ^^
JeffreyFai Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012
Hey that was good, I don't think it sucked at all if you wrote it on the fly.

Very cute and loved her interactions. I know I'm a day late but I hoped you had a nice Halloween!
Aloubell Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
haha I'm glad you think so X3 I didnt even plan on doing it, so not much went into it...but i really wanted to do SOMETHING for Halloween lol

THANK YOU!! :heart:
suzukoyan Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012  Student Artisan Crafter
happy halloween :D
Aloubell Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
u too! ^_^
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