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Love Hurts 5 Ways

LH5W Logo (abbreviated) by Lady--Nyx

Links to Story

These are the links to my fanfic on It's a crossover between Inuyasha, Fruits Basket, Ouran High School Host Club, D.N.Angel, and Fushigi Yuugi (after a certain point, it's mostly Fushigi Yuugi)

Season 1 [Chapters 1-17]

Begins on:…


Season 2 Part 1 [Chapters 18-31]

Begins on:…


Season 2 Part 2 [Chapters 32- ongoing]

Begins on:…



#45: The Healing Factor, Part 2…

#46: Awakening to a New and Familiar Reality Star Progress Bar II - 0% by ColMea


I'd absolutely love it if you left a review! But it's not necessary, I just hope you all enjoy the story! :heart:



If this story were a legitimate anime (dont i wish) then these are the songs that were chosen to fit for it. This will include season opening themes and endings, as well as songs that have already/will show up in the story. Also songs that just fit well X3
If you know a song that may fit, tell me and I'll check it out!

1.) "Metamorphosis" by Hillary Duff…
--> Opening theme for Season 1
2.) "Where You Belong" by Huckapoo…
--> Ending theme for Season 1
3.) "Reach" by Caleigh Peters…
--> Opening theme for Season 2
4.) "Bless Myself" by Lucy Hale…
-->Ending theme for seasons 2
5.) "Miracle" by Paramore…
--> Opening for Season 3
6.) "Wish Upon a Star" by Samantha Mumba…
-->Ending theme for season 3
7.) "Disappear" by Selena Gomez…
--> Opening theme for Season 4
8.) "Goodbye To You" by Michelle Branch…
--> Ending theme for season 4
9.) "Over It" by Anneliese van Der Pol…
--> Aki's character song
10.) "It's My Life" by Bon Jovi…
11.) "I Am" by Hillary Duff…
--->Shokyoku's character song
12.) "You're the Reason" by Victoria Justice…
--> Insert Song, sang by Aki in Season 1
13.) "Sakura Kiss (English Version)" by Cristina Vee…
--> Insert Song, sang by Aki in Season 1
14.) "Magical" by Selena Gomez…
--> Insert Song, sang by Aki in Season 2
15.) "The Lonely" by Christina Perri…
16.) "Battlefield" by Jordan Sparks…
17.) "My Happy Ending" by Avril Lavigne…
18.) "Go the Distance" by Lucas Grabeel…

There are more songs, but they havent shown up in the story yet and u kno my least spoilers as possible ^_~

I'm up for suggestions!

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Other LH5W OCs
deviation in storage by Lady--Nyx
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.................................A Metamorphosis to be Seen by Lady--Nyx

~pic drawn by :iconhigenbana:


This group is dedicated to the Fushigi Yuugi Crossover fanfic: Love Hurts 5 Ways as well as the OC Akimoto Tsubaki, who's the protagonist of said story.
A crossover between Fushigi Yuugi, Ouran High School Host Club, D.N.Angel, Inuyasha, and Fruits Basket, this story is multi-chaptered and ongoing.
With all of the support going around, we'd like to thank everybody.
Feel free to submit art, stories, or anything that could help spread this fic around the world.
This group is also for anyone who absolutely loves any of those anime! (no reading of the fic necessary~ ^_^)
And don't forget to have fun!

Akimoto Tsubaki stamp by Wrolin I support Aki stamp by WrolinI support Shokyoku stamp by Wrolin


:bulletblue: Read this for the gallery descriptions [MUST READ FOR SUBMISSIONS]

:bulletred: First off, no flaming/bashing. None. It will not be tolerated. If you don't like OCs then just walk away. And if you dont like the anime included or dont like someones art, just walk away. It's okay if you state ur opinion, just do it nicely. We're all friends here so only nice words~

:bulletred: Try to submit to the right folder please~

:bulletred: Be sure to submit stuff relative to the story. However a couple of folders were added for things such as other members OCs (relative to the anime used) as well as just canon characters from one of the 5 anime.

:bulletred: It's not necessary for you to read the story to be a part of this group. Would i love you forever if you did? Why yes ^^ But I'll also love u just for drawing pix or just by being a watcher or member. Remember, we want u to have fun and feel no pressure whatsoever.

:bulletred: No stolen art please. Get permission for what isnt urs and be honest.

:bulletred: If you wanna affiliate ur group, send me a note and I'll make it happen! ^^

:bulletred: You would be totally awesome to donate points (donate here: :iconlady--nyx:) in order to raise prizes for future contests~ But that's not required ^_~

:bulletred: Unlimited submission limit for now. However, every deviation will require an OK from an admin b4 getting into the gallery. This is just to make sure that things stay organized~

:bulletred: You'll be automatically a part of the group once you send in a request to join. So dont be afraid, join away! =D

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Group Info

I hope that your experience here is enjoyable and that you come to enjoy the intricate, 5-anime crossover fanfic, Love Hurts 5 Ways and its protagonist, Akimoto Tsubaki. The group is also for lovers of Inuyasha, Fruits Basket, Ouran High School Host Club, D.N.Angel, and Fushigi Yuugi. Any forms of art are allowed here. Just make sure to have fun ^_^
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Jun 12, 2012


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Sorry about the inactivity in the group guys TT-TT

But i wanna get to some activities and fun stuff to do soon...just please be patient with me XD

Thanx for being patient and so cool and supportive so far :blowkiss:


Let me tell you guys of the kind of schedule i have for this semester...

This is how much schoolwork/homework i have to do:


and this is my free time


Like...i'm not even joking...its kind of depressing (i even cried a little about it...I'm such a baby XDD). But i guess that this is the semester that my future really begins. I'm SUPER thankful to God that He got me into my university and that He's been allowing me to be successful these last 3 years...and i pray that all my education still to come i continue to be successful. And I am fortunate to even be receiving a higher education. I believe i am in a great place.

And somewhere down the line...deep...deep...deeeeep down, i had to come to grips with the fact that if i want a PhD for Child Psychology, there will be tough times and rigorous work ahead of me. Somewhere deep down i knew that my free time would be come less and less until i actually managed to get said degree. But it JUST hit me last night when i worked out my schedule and found out that literally the only day I have free is Saturday (i'm only free now cuz i'm in between classes atm). Literally every other day i will have to be working on school stuff.

Now this isnt terrible cuz fortunately i'm still pretty interested in what i'm learning. It could be worse. It could be what i had to endure in my last two semesters >.> Or i could have more pointless GEs to knock out. School wise, i am in a great place.

But because i'm getting deeper into my education, this being my 4th year of college, i sincerely have to have most of my focus on school if i wanna keep my grades up and get the doctorate. This is just how it is...and now my free time will suffer because of that.


Chapter 45, the last chapter i wrote of LH5W back last year, i think (and i'm pretty sure about this) that this will be the last novel-like chapter of the story. I wanted to cut it off at chapter 50, but looking at my schedule, i most likely wont get that far. So i'm gonna be more realistic here.

The fact is, i dont like to write anymore...Well, i dont like to write prose. School kind of soured writing for me so right now, writing is more of a chore than something fun to do. And with the little free time i have, I'm not going to spend it doing something i dont like and hope that eventually i'll like it again. No...I'm afraid, in my case, inspiration doesnt work that way. I'll only get more annoyed and come to resent LH5W. And as you can imagine, i dont want to do that.

Please note, that while i put the COMPLETED tag onto LH5W on, which i probably will sometime today, the story IS NOT over. As I said before, i fully intended to see this story all the way through to the end, but i will just be telling it differently and in a way that wont get on my nerves.

Chapters 46 and on, as of now, will all be here (DeviantArt) on here and POTENTIALLY Tumblr (if a day comes where i figure that out).


I will be telling the story in novel but not really kind of way.

I'll be drawing fake screenshots of the upcoming scenes and in the description add whatever relevant dialogue (if i feel like it) as well as any other significant information about the scene.
Unless i get the urge to, the description of the scene most likely wont be in a prose style. There might be prose elements, but it wont be prose.
Most of the time, the elements of the scene and relevant info will be conveyed through the picture and through bullet points...and dialogue.

This way the story gets told and i get to draw without it being in manga form XD

I MUCH prefer drawing over writing so this works best for me and I'll be more motivated to move the story along X33 So everybody wins!

(unless you liked the story better in prose...I'm sorry if this doesnt work for you X'D And as much as i love you for sticking with me this entire time, this is my project and I'd rather tell it how i'd like to tell it. And if this story is gonna be told...AT ALL, then i need to switch gears...I'll understand if you no longer wish to follow LH5W..
(I hope this isnt the case TT-TT
I'd appreciate it if you stuck around :iconawwwplz: Believe me there are good things to come in the story X33

but if you really want to leave, i cant stop you...all i can say is...its been fun. thank you for the support :heart:))

But for all of you who DO want to stick around, really there are some awesome things to come in the story and I hope you enjoy my visual-novel-but-not-really/ fake screenshots! Please bear with me as the transition gets made and the first few look awkward, i'm still trying to practice coloring and adding the screen shot effects and BGs and stuff X33.
I hope to get the hang of it soon X333

This project/continuation of LH5W starting from, EPISODE 46, will take place in a few weeks.

I hope you all look forward to it just as i do! ^0^

Thanx for reading~! i have to note all of my readers on and tell them that the story is being moved here...*sigh*


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In some way or another, all of these groups are associated with LH5W. Thank you for affiliating =D
:iconsakura-no-ai: sakura-no-ai Where Love Blossoms :iconoc-fantasia: OC-Fantasia Share your original works! :iconhikaruxkaorufanclub: hikaruxkaorufanclub HIKARU X KAORU 4 EVER ~ &lt;3 :iconnerd-circle: Nerd-Circle :iconidol--showdown: Idol--Showdown Do your best and have fun~!

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